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True to the sexy, adventurous lifestyle of all the women's tops, women's tees and women's t-shirt at, our women's t-shirt, tees and tops are trend-focused and capture the flirty and confortable side of fashion. Pair our sexy bustier tops with skinny jeans or solid jeans for an alluring night-out look, or slip into one of our softer-than-soft tank tops for women or signature women’s tees with relaxed jeans for all-day style. For a more sophisticated approach, try our t-shirt women’s button down shirts — it's perfect for office to party. No matter what look you want in women clothing, our latest collection of contemporary women's fashion tops has everything you need to wear.

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Top with gold tribal design

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Women are usually very particular when it comes to selection of tops and t-shirts as well as any other outfit. This because they need to keep up with the latest trends and be at their best during different occasions. Any dealer who intends to go into women top product line needs to put into consideration a few factors and understand the tastes and preferences of different women. They also need to have expert information on the styles and designs that suit different body figures and shapes of different women.
The factors include;

1. Sell stylish tops and t-shirts
This makes the tops and t-shirts appealing to the customers as every woman wants something unique and stylish. They should come in different styles that allow for different uses such as casual wear and office wear.The style of the top or t-shirt should allow it to be complimented with a skirt or trouser.

2. Different sizes.
This aspect allows the client to have a variety to choose from when buying a top or t-shirt so that they get something that highlights their features and distracts people from the less attractive parts.

3. Expertize.
It may prove difficult to get into women top and t-shirt product line if one does not have expertize on the area. Having knowledge on women clothes and fashion enables one to be able to tell what to sell to which client.

4. Capital
One needs to have enough capital before venturing into this product line. Money is a necessary asset as it is required so as to buy quality and unique tops and t-shirts for sale.

5. Human resource.
There is need to invest in a qualified, disciplined and knowledgeable staff so as to increase sales as well as good customer relations.

6. Client base.
It is important to build strong client base. This entails having a collection of contacts of both existing and prospective clients. It enables one to communicate to them on new arrivals and solve their problems as well as receive and work on their orders for tops and t-shirts on time.

7. Differentiating the business.
This is a technique that any dealer who intends to venture into this line of business should use. It entails having a logo and a business name that is unique and easy to remember. This helps one differentiate their business from similar ones in the market.

8. Marketing.
Advertising by use of bill boards and business cards may be a good idea for anyone who would to pursue this product line. Like any other line of business, this too faces competition from others who deal in the same products. It is hence necessary for the dealer to invest in profitable advertising so as to increase sales.

9. Be fashionable.
Women love fashion and want to be up to date in style. A dealer therefore has to keep themselves up to date so as to obtain and sell the most fashionable tops and t-shirts. One may read magazines and watch the latest trends from the media so as to get the latest information on the latest fashion.

10. Quality.
The quality of tops and t-shirts sold to customers should not be compromised. Good quality should always be sold.

Dealing in women top and t-shirts can be exciting and successful as one learns more while making money. This does not however mean that there are no challanges in this product line.